Living Library

An assembly of true crime, paranormal, and horror authors from all over Michigan. Meet and take photos with the authors, purchase autographed copies of their books, and talk with them about upcoming projects.


Jenn Carpenter is the author of Haunted Lansing and The Cereal Killer Chronicles.

Tobin T. Buhk is the author of over a dozen true crime books, including True Crime: Michigan and The Lonely Hearts Killers.

Kat Tedsen is the author of the Haunted Travels of Michigan series.

John K. Addis is the author of The Eaton.

Nicole Beauchamp is the author of Haunted Bay City, Michigan.

John Robinson is the author of the Paranormal Michigan series.

Roxanne Rhoads is the author of Haunted Flint.

Allison Spooner is a flash fiction author. Her books include The Problems With Humans: and Other Stories.

Exie Susanne Smith is the author of several paranormal books, including Welcome to my Para “Normal” Life.

Eric T. Alli is the author of Counterfeit Justice.

C. Greenshields is the author of The Witch of Seven Gables.

Jerrod S. Smelker is the author of several books, including Wicked Harvest: Michigan Monsters and Macabre.

Amberrose Hammond is the curator of Michigan’s Otherside and the author of Ghosts and Legends of Michigan’s West Coast, among other books.

Ruin Road is an urban exploration YouTube channel with published books including Abandoned Detroit.

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