Big Top Sponsors

With support from local businesses, the FOO Crew will be able to bring top-notch talent and attractions to the 2022 festival. Appeal to a whole new crowd in a whole new way, at wildly affordable rates. For more information, email:

SPECTATORS $50- Business name on promotional flyers and festival maps

OPENING ACT $100- Previous tier’s benefits / Two VIP tickets to festival / business name on t-shirts and signage / link to your business on FOO website

FEATURED PERFORMERS $250- Previous tier’s benefits / Business logo on flyers and maps / Business logo on t-shirts and signage / space for business cards, flyers, or coupons promoting your business at our Welcome Tent / repeated mentions on all social media platforms / one-time mention of your business on an episode of So Dead

MAIN EVENT $500- Previous tier’s benefits / 10 second ad spot on So Dead / 10×10 booth space at festival

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